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Hello everyone, as some of you already know that we are currently working on new forums for our clan, we decided to use SMF engine for that because it's much better in my opinion than Ucoz is and it has much more nice features. We are not going to close this forum and site, it will just stay as it is. 

So, I'm waiting for you in our new forums and I really hope you will like it:)


Приветствую всех, хотелось бы сообщить, что мы в данный момент работаем над новым форумом для нашего клана, мы решили использовать SMF движок, потому что он, по-моему, намного лучше чем Ucoz, и имеет намного больше возможностей и фишек. Данн ... Read more »

Views: 640 | Added by: PulSe | Date: 2012-07-21

We, all team of clan, wish you happy birthday! Have a nice party, because this is your day!!!! You can have it only once a year!!! Wish you to have more new friends and to stay togather with your old good friends! Let all your dreams come true!! Have fun! :D

C Днем Рождения Александр! Всего самого наилучшего тебе!!

Views: 546 | Added by: PulSe | Date: 2012-07-18

Testing of players was inactive due the lack of members in our clan. Now we are going to revive test for all new accepted users again. 

    If a user had enough of positive votes in his application and got accepted, he becomes a "Test member". They will be given an opportunity to choose a test. They can select the weapon skill test or the driving skill test, it depends on what a player mostly prefers doing in the server.  
    When you got accepted as a test member, you can't wear [GCI] tag, but you can use [GCI_t] tag for a test period until you become a real member of our team.

 There are two types of tests below:

... Read more »
Views: 736 | Added by: PulSe | Date: 2012-07-12

The team has a hard time, the leaders are gone. Test players are waiting for an answer, the clan is not moving. I suggest to urgently elect a few leaders at the time. Write nickname of your leader in the comments. You can also vote for the most part decision making team.
!Vote will be completed April, 14. The decision will be a lot of votes.!
Sorry for bad English.
General vote Pulse was appointed leader of the clan.
Views: 650 | Added by: kreker | Date: 2012-03-31

Итак, спустя несколько дней раздумий, я решил сделать первый шаг для "оживления" нашего клана. Предлагаю снова открыть набор, для чего нам понадобятся наши соклановцы, обладающие возможностью редактировать, добавлять, улучшать наш сайт. Может идея и бредовая, но, как говорится, "попытка не пытка".

Views: 726 | Added by: Foontick | Date: 2012-02-18

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